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UND and Studio One alum Nathan Shain embraces a career switch documenting global strife and relief work behind the camera.

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Farmer's Markets Bring the Community Together

Avery Robb reporting

Like the leaves on a tree, summer has fallen off the calendar. For local farmers and businesses fall marks the harvest season, as well as an opportunity to spread their roots within the community.


Football Program Teaches Players more than X's and O's

Jake Ocken reporting

Coaches are natural leaders for the athletes they train. Their positive impact and their influential instruction build special relationships with the team. Now a new program is helping coaches transform boys into men.


A Walk Through the Corn Maze

Jake Larson reporting

Weekend activities change as the temperature drops. For families looking for something fun to do, a day out in the country may be the answer.


Dr. Nikki Berg Talks Feminism

Morgan Goulding anchoring

Feminism is a range of movements and ideologies that supports equal rights for all. But that idea is sometimes negatively skewed in today's media and popular culture. University of North Dakota Gender Studies professor , Nikki Berg Burin, joins us to talk about today's feminism movement.


Planting Bulbs in the Fall

Emily Pogatshnik reporting

Fall is the perfect time for planting tulips and other bulbs. Greenhouse grower Jolene Schmitz explains.


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Laura Aldridge majored in communication while attending the University of North Dakota. Going into college, Laura didn’t exactly know what she wanted to pursue, but after an internship at Studio One she ended up in Tinsel Town.

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Catch up on the latest news with Morgan Goulding, Kari Strandberg, and Emily Pogatshnik. This week features Farmer's Markets, talks on Feminism, and a local corn maze.




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