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UND and Studio One alum Nathan Shain embraces a career switch documenting global strife and relief work behind the camera.

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A Local Career Expo Shows Potential for Young People

Alex Aman reporting

The job search can be an exciting journey for upcoming graduates. However, global job markets may not be able to support the next working generation.


GameDay App Brings New Perspective

Taylor Nelson reporting

It may be argued that hockey fans at the University of North Dakota are some of the most devoted and passionate in the nation. A newfound technology is feeding spectator passions.


Larping is a Game that will Fuel your Imagination

Nick Moen reporting

People have been fascinated with medieval knights for centuries. Even though it’s not time travel, one group is sending people on a quest to the past.


UND Lieutenant Talks about Stalking Dangers on Campus

Morgan Goulding anchoring

Stalking is a crime in all fifty states. But these laws often don't stop those obsessed with following in another person's footsteps.


Cold Weather Means Aches and Pains to Those with Arthritis

Mike Rauser reporting

With winter just around the corner, most people look forward to snow, hot chocolate, or the holidays. But others can expect something else with the cold weather.


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Laura Aldridge majored in communication while attending the University of North Dakota. Going into college, Laura didn’t exactly know what she wanted to pursue, but after an internship at Studio One she ended up in Tinsel Town.

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Catch up on the latest news with Morgan Goulding, Kari Strandberg, and Emily Pogatshnik. This week features increasing a local career expo, Larping, and the dangers of stalking on campus.




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