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UND and Studio One alum Nathan Shain embraces a career switch documenting global strife and relief work behind the camera.

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I really appreciate the staff and other interns here, the environment is very positive and that makes a world of a difference. Everybody here is so uplifting and motivating and that, to me, really completes this experience.

- Tasha Olson, Studio One video journalist

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Unmanned Aerial Systems Find Opportunity in North Dakota

Alex Aman reporting

Innovators are always on the lookout for the next big thing. We found that North Dakota is opening its arms to an industry that could provide a home to these opportunity seekers.


Hot Yoga Makes You Feel the Burn

Kari Strandberg reporting

Over the years many new fitness trends have made their way into the mainstream. This steamy new workout bundles the benefits of multiple exercises into one. Haute Yogis Hot Yoga and Barre Studio.


Sky-Vu Drive In is a Blast from the Past

Brady Kappes reporting

In a world where everything is changing many businesses fail because they can't keep up with current trends. A small town business is looking to the sky as they bring their old-fashioned idea back to the future.


3-D Printing is Bringing Ideas to Life

Morgan Goulding anchoring

3-D printers have been used to make architectural models, prosthetics and even film props.  Jonathan Puhl, college student and C-E-O of 3-C innovators, is using his to bring the ideas of others to life.


Bee Careful this Fall

Kaela Lucke reporting

Fall is a time for leaves to change, pumpkins to be carved and the last picnics with friends. But not everyone at the table is quite so friendly.


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Laura Aldridge majored in communication while attending the University of North Dakota. Going into college, Laura didn’t exactly know what she wanted to pursue, but after an internship at Studio One she ended up in Tinsel Town.

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Catch up on the latest news with Morgan Goulding, Kari Strandberg, and Emily Pogatshnik. This week features Unmanned Aerial Systems, 3-D printing, and the new trend of hot yoga.




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