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UND and Studio One alum Nathan Shain embraces a career switch documenting global strife and relief work behind the camera.

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I really appreciate the staff and other interns here, the environment is very positive and that makes a world of a difference. Everybody here is so uplifting and motivating and that, to me, really completes this experience.

- Tasha Olson, Studio One video journalist

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Backyard Chickens Gaining Popularity

Jake Ocken reporting

For many, the perks of living in the countryside are tough to beat. Now, city dwellers are flocking to put their own touch on a farming trend by raising their own backyard chickens.


Windmill Transformations

Ella Dorner reporting

Many have different ways to escape the worries we face in our daily lives. One man goes back to the simple times to restore peace of mind by restoring old windmills.


A Heart for the Game of Baseball

Eirik Nilssen Bratli reporting

Americans are proud of their sports, and baseball can be said to be the very heart of that pride. We met one slugger whose passion for baseball has a different rhythm.


Animals from Down Under

Tasha Olson anchoring

A study published by Psychology Today says people benefit in many different ways from being surrounded by animals. Some people have the pleasure of experiencing this every day at work. The Red River Zoo's, Erica Prokrym, brought some animals from the other side of the planet.


Lawn Care Tips

Nick Johnsrude reporting

If you want your lawn to look nice all year long there's a few things you should know. The Weather is changing in the Red River Valley of North Dakota, and people are busy getting their lawns ready for the year.


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Laura Aldridge majored in communication while attending the University of North Dakota. Going into college, Laura didn’t exactly know what she wanted to pursue, but after an internship at Studio One she ended up in Tinsel Town.

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Catch up on the latest news with Tasha Olson, Will Biernat and Morgan Murphy. This week features backyard chickens, Australian animals, and a UND baseball catcher overcoming adversity.




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