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Not everyone enjoys the process of applying for jobs. This can be especially stressful for students graduating.

It doesn’t help either with statistics like “roughly 8.5 percent of college graduates between the ages of 21 and 24 were unemployed” (Economic Policy Institute)...

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I really appreciate the staff and other interns here, the environment is very positive and that makes a world of a difference. Everybody here is so uplifting and motivating and that, to me, really completes this experience.

- Tasha Olson, Studio One video journalist

Recent video

Little Coders

Megan Hoffman reporting

Some schools don’t have the ability to incorporate the newest technology into the classroom every week. But one K-12 school in a tiny Minnesota town of fewer than 500 people has that technology. And it's teaching kids valuable ways to use it.


Cheerleading Obstacles

Eirik Nilssen Bratli reporting

Whether they’re simple or severe, injuries can bother many athletes. We found a sport in which injuries happen more often than you might think.


The Candy Man

Jen Allison reporting

Many people experience a sugar craving every now and then. We met one man who makes sure his students always have a sweet time. Some professors struggle with getting their students to participate in class. But Doug Munski sure doesn’t have any problems with that.


Braving the Cold for Knowledge

Tasha Olson anchoring

Science writer and editor at Time for Kids, David Bjerklie, braved the cold and traveled to Antarctica. He joins us today to talk about his experience. David Bjerklie blends his two passions in life as he continues on thirty plus years writing for Time for Kids. He writes articles teaching young children different topics of science.


Mild Winter Leads to Potential Droughts

Nick Johnsrude reporting

Big thunderstorms aren't the only thing we watch out for in summertime. Farmers have their eye on another weather event that can go on all throughout the year. Droughts are another weather event concerning some across the country.


E-news stories

Every year, journalists from across the Midwest gather for two days of training sessions, awards ceremonies, and networking in Bloomington, Minnesota. This year, Studio One had 10 interns attend the Midwest Journalism Conference.

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Catch up on the latest news with Tasha Olson, Will Biernat and Morgan Murphy. This week features computer coding in K-12 schools, a writer for Times for Kids, and a local candy man.




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